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Miro 3.5 and previous versions use localized strings that are translated using the Launchpad interface.

Editing Translations

Translations are constantly being updated as users work on them. You can browse them at

You can modify or review a translation by clicking on the language name and using the Rosetta web interface.

Adding a new translation

Testing translations on Linux

To test out your translation, make sure you get the latest source code:

git clone git://

Next, make sure you place your .po file in tv/resources/locale.

You can request a .po file by clicking on the download link while viewing your translation in Launchpad.

Run LANGUAGE=xx ./ to launch Miro in your language, where xx is the language code. For example, LANGUAGE=fr ./ works for French.

For more info on building Miro in Linux, see LinuxBuildDocs:

Syncing translations

Read the README in tv/resources/locales/ for details.

Installer translations

Miro uses Nullsoft open source installer system (NSIS).

The installer text resources are stored in NSIS NLF and NSH language files (one of each per language) in the Contrib folder. These files are not stored in Miro git project, since the installer is compiled separately.

More information to follow.

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